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Shvonders struggle with crisis

Shvonders struggle with crisis

The former Soviet territory always had two troubles: roads and fools. But life goes on, and the list of troubles gets certain national colour. It seems, that in Ukraine now it is necessary to be afraid not only of "fools" and "roads", but “ crisis struggle” and “Euro 2012 preparation”.

Kharkov is going to host Euro-2012 games. The city will accept ten thousand fans from Europe. And none of them knows, that during 2007 year 10423 tuberculosis infected persons have died in Ukraine. Many of them have forgotten, that illness. Germany, Finland, Austria, Italy do not inoculate their citizenzs against this lethal disease.

Unfortunately, funds became insufficient and the Kharkov authorities made an original decision. Keeping within the limits of Euro-2012 preparation Kharkov reduces the number of tubercular departments. So, by March, 15th 345 places of 545 available will be reduced in the first Kharkov’s antitubercular clinic №1. But do not worry, it is a temporary situation: liquidation of last two hundred places and complete liquidation of the whole clinic will occur till the end of this year.

Ministry of Health sounds alarmed, but the city authorities assure, that patients will be cared. By the state, probably. It lacks money for these purposes,but will surely find some place for five more hundreds carriers of socially dangerous disease. And I have no doubt, in the streets there will be no patients from the seventh department where in specially equipped chambers under reliable protection contained sick prisoners contained. It seems,they will continue their treatment in imprisonment places. Two hundreds reduced phthisiatricians will surely find another place to work. Probably. Forty of them have already found "alternative" job and, henceforth won’t be bothered with tuberculosis patients any more. And there are plenty of them:for January, 1st 4728 persons were registered, and approximately 1500 allocate bacteria and should be kept in a hospital.

Picturesque, isn’t it?
Also keeping within the limits of preparation for Euro-2012 Kharkov railway station has been reconstructed. Recently Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued the commission № 1283/0/1-09,in order to reduce tariffs for grain transportation. Railwaymen thought it up and suggested to cancel sanitary processing of cars that transport the foodstuffs. If this offer would be supported, expenses for transportation of each kilogram of grain will be reduced approximately to 0,3 copeck.

Obligatory disinfection of transport which carries a foodstuff, exists in Europe for a long time. In Russia they skip desinfection. By the way, in some areas of Stavropol Territory there is emergency state because of the African plague of pigs. They shoot wild boars, and the animals who have appeared in the epicentre of epidemy are to be eliminated together with constructions where they were, and stocks of fodder being in them, , according to the instruction of 1980.

All over the world the African pig plaguecarries a local character: there is a strongly pronounced centre (for example, a cattle-breeding farm) and the cases of infection are observed.And in Stavropol Territory that dangerous infection proves absolutely differently: disease is revealed in five various areas of Territory on vast distances. Experts tend to say, that illness has extended by means of meat and fodder transportation.

The African pig plague carries no danger to a human. But for example, brucellosis,that leads to disability, could also be spread by railway. Brucellosis had been locally revealed in the Odessa area last summer. At the same time sudden brucellosis flash from Kazakhstan had come to Altai that was considered safe region within thirty years. As a result, dozens of persons had been infected. Let us not forget, that in some CIS countries, Kirghizia for instance, brucellosis is widespread. It can be found nearby Ukraine, for example, in the Rostov area. Let us not forget about another disease - anthrax. This lethal disease is transferred by animals. People suffered it either in distant Kirghizia, Buryatiya and Irkutsk, or in neighbouring Kalmykia and the Astrakhan area last year.

Since 2003 sanitary processing of transport during transportation food cargoes is obligatory in Ukraine. And we are not talking about the fact, that desinfection prevented incoming a number of serious diseases while Ukranian cars had been rolling through CIS from Kazakhstan to Baltic. The matter is that, the controlling sanitary processing is an essential source of financing Desinfection Service on a railway transportation. Those DS supervise a sanitary condition of passenger trains, railway stations, stations and nearby territories. I will remind you, medic’s salary is cut down now, and they earn about 800 hryvna in a month.

What should I say?

Welcome to the Euro-2012, dear Europeans!


'What do you
mean by ruin? An old woman with a broomstick? A witch who smashes all the
windows and puts out all the lights? No such thing. What do you mean by that
word?' Philip Philipovich angrily enquired of an unfortunate cardboard duck
hanging upside down by the sideboard, then answered the question himself.
'I'll tell you what it is: if instead of operating every evening I were to
start a glee club in my apartment, that would mean that I was on the road to
ruin. If when I go to the lavatory I don't pee, if you'll excuse the
expression, into the bowl but on to the floor instead and if Zina and Darya
Petrovna were to do the same thing, the lavatory would be ruined. Ruin,
therefore, is not caused by lavatories but it's something that starts in
people's heads. So when these clowns start shouting "Stop the ruin!" - I
laugh!' (Philip Philipovich's face became so distorted that the doctor's
mouth fell open.) 'I swear to you, I find it laughable! Every one of them
needs to hit himself on the back of the head and then when he has knocked
all the hallucinations out of himself and gets on with sweeping out
backyards - which is his real job - all this "ruin" will automatically
disappear. You can't serve two gods! You can't sweep the dirt out of the
tram tracks and settle the fate of the Spanish beggars at the same time! No
one can ever manage it, doctor - and above all it can't be done by people
who are two hundred years behind the rest of Europe and who so far can't
even manage to do up their own fly-buttons properly!'

Michael Bulgakov. «The dog heart»
Copyright 1968 in the English translation by Michael Glenny
Collins and Harvill Press
London, and Harcourt, Brace & World Inc, New York.
Sergey Dibrov


  1. I think the 2012 Games will be a disaster for Ukraine. We saw what was in store for Ukraine in 2008 when two thousand English men invaded Kharkov for the match Between Metalist and Everton. The Everton fans who visited Ukraine had no idea that they were making History. Kharkov had never seen so many English speaking persons in one place.

    The Everton fans had no idea of the history or culture of Ukraine, let alone the attitudes shown by the police, who were rather restrained.

    Many were interested in seeking the service of local prostitutes but were hampered in their efforts by the language barrier.There was tight control on the hotels to prevent prostitutes from knocking on doors.

    The English visitors had no interested in the culture or economy of Ukraine. They were there to see there Team win and that was all.

    Thank fully Everton won, had they not won the event could have easily turned into violence. (Metalist were actually the better team on the day but a a few misplaced goals saw Everton win. - It is unknown if Metalist threw the match - Bribery is common in Ukrainian football)

  2. Joint Ukrainian-Polish EURO 2012 established its first record among similar European championships. There were 12 millions of requests when sale for the final part of European Championship was officially finished and that is on 17 % more than the previous record. Ukraine and Poland passed ahead tickets success of tournament in Switzerland and Austria 4 years ago.